In the future there will be no jobs

Steve Jurvetson, investor and on the board of directors with SpaceX and Tesla, has a very interesting outlook on the future. He is legendary for his investments and spotting disruptive technology long before it becomes trendy.
“Go far enough into the future, where there will be no debate about the time span of things,” Jurvetson says, “and certain events will be inevitable to take place.”
One of his visions for the future is that there will be no need for humans to have jobs for example. Even as slaves. They just won’t be (cost) effective enough anymore since the whole world will be automated anyway. And to small extent this is already happening. Not only the most obvious like autonomous cars and intelligent homes but even the first neural network AI systems have been designing chairs and other types of furniture. Just to indicate to what level this all can impact our society.

In effect we can all just live our hobby every day without having to worry about our basic needs.
Would this turn our world into the cliche utopia run by robots?

Here are some more of Steve Jurvetson’s ideas

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